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"Pluginc was the first cook group I ever joined and needless to say one of the best cook groups I ever joined. It has opened me up to all kinds of reselling and ever since I joined pluginc, I made a boat load of money. Pluginc effectively taught me how to resell and we always end up getting notifications for drops early and taking as much stock as possible from a relatively small group. The staff is always helpful & general chat is always fun. It's effectively talking with your friends while you make thousands of dollars. This is an amazing group that is well worth your time and money."

- cheggtheEGG#6677

"I joined plug inc way back in May. Upon joining, I noticed an immense amount of activity from members- which meant 24/7 support. Eventually, this led to plug inc becoming a small group of resellers that actually talked to eachother on an almost daily basis. Ranging from advice on reselling to investments (DGPT!!), I have managed to make a big lump sump in my time here. Thanks plug inc."

- juicy#7499

"Plug inc cooks on the daily. Most members make back their money within days. Plug inc provides all the extra info that you will ever need and they’re never late on surprise drops. All in all, it would be stupid to not be in PlugInc because... Knock Knock... PlugInc Take Stock!"

- Speedy#0001

"Plug inc is a true hearted cook group, dedicated owners and very respectable admins that are able to run the show. Not only do you guys provide me and the rest of the group with outstanding information and funko info but also are a good group of friends. You guys are able to make this a cook group and a friend group at the same time with games and get togethers really an amazing group to be in."

- Gaungy#2896

"i’ve been in Plug Inc. for about 2 months now. My knowledge for reselling has expanded exponentially and was definitely worth my time and money. All the members are friendly and helpful making this a positive environment. The admins/staff are very trustworthy (imo) with slots and the prices are great. Thanks Plug Inc."

- matty boy#9837